To Becoming An Succes Online Solopreneur, It Is Not That Hard.

Did you have tried everything to be found online with your service or your products? Are you struggling to build a website or a blog to promote your business? Then the right coaching, the right strategy and a simple plan to work with, is all you need!

HI, I’m Wesley and I going to try to help you to clear all your answers!


First of all, why I start this blog?

It is ever so clear that I like to pass on my passion and knowledge with like minded people as you. That are passionate to learn more about online marketing, social media, and branding.

I like networking with people, that like to work hard on their business. And enjoying business productivity. I prefer to have fans that are positive in life. And are self-esteem to achieve their goals for creating their dream lifestyle.



Over the past 5 years, I see a lot and learning with ups and downs from different people where I worked with online. Where I following courses and purchases different memberships and e-books. Watching a lot Youtube tutorials about different online marketing topics.

Over the years I have learned to be positive and trained my brain to stay more productive. Staying consistent and confident is not always easy as an online marketer. But focusing on just 1 mentor is the key to success for me. My new mentor makes it clear to understand, with simple to follow strategies. By following this strategy, I can put them into my business.


WordPress Instalation


Social Media Management


Brand And Graphic Design


Search Optimezation And Content Marketing

When it comes down to what’s working now in 2017About Online marketing & Social Media, and Branding. I am your guy.


  • How to start and set up a WordPress website or blog.
  • What plugins and tools I use to get productive and professional in 2017
  • How to plan and organize your content and social media.
  • How to stand out from the crowd with personal branding.
  • How to create stunning design pictures for your blog.
  • How to use Facebook ads the right way to grow your following.
  • How to build your E-mail list.
  • And how to engaged with your audience, to make sales.


# If you need any help, just contact me as your personal passionate Branding coach.#

I like to say, teaching is one of my guilty pleasures. I’d love to go on this adventurous to growing your online marketing business, together.

My Personal Life Vision!

I am 33 years old and live in Belgium, Antwerp. I am currently working as a Junior Ground Operator, in my free time I like sports, I like going to the gym and trying it at least 2 times a week 😉 I like swimming and enjoy the sauna to keep fit and healthy. But by always working hard and constantly tinker

It is important for your mental health to be held on a monthly basis by an arrow to go to the massage and practice meditation. My experience has proven in the past that as more I focus, can hold and I can feel happier on track to achieve my goals.

Sometimes in my free, time I do karting with friends.I like watching good movies and playing games on ps3 when I have time ( lately not too much anymore ;-)). I love to cook and eat healthy food or going out to eat with friends.

My ultimate goal in life is that in future I can live independently and have the time to go on survival and traveling with friends. I dream to work wherever I want and meeting different foreign people to corporate with. Making friends and enjoying the best of a dream lifestyle.


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