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Hi, I’m Wesley and I am going to help you to clarify all your doubts!
First of all, why I started this blog?


It’s always been crystal clear, that i love to pass on my passion and knowledge with like-minded people that are passionate on how to learn affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and branding. I like networking with people that like to work hard on their business and enjoying the business productivity to get results.


I prefer to have fans that are positive in life, people driven to achieve their goals and creating their dream lifestyle. Over the past 5 years, i have learned and gathered a lot of experience regarding online marketing with ups and downs from different people and programs i followed.

I took action and started to build my very first WordPress websites and rank them in Google. I was always interested to learn more about different online marketing topics.

Over the years I have educated myself to be more positive and trained my brain to get more productive. And you need to know that staying consistent and be confident is not always easy as an online marketing professional.

You need to focus on a clear goal and develop a lot of discipline by reading books and listen to audio daily. Then you will understand, when you identify your why, your goals will be more clear.

It will easier to push through when you are having tough times, and believe me everyone has those! including me…

However, by having a great mentor that teach and remind you on this, is the key to success for me. My new mentor makes it easy to understand. Just with a simple step-by-step and how-to training’s video’s, everyone can learn affiliate marketing and have success.

Why…? Because i believe we having the best affiliate marketing training modules that exist on the market today. It will teach you how to set your mind up, to stand out from the competition and just learn how to dominate!  

I am sure by following these simple steps, every newbie can easily apply, and get results. After years i have learned, that it is important to invest in your online business.

Just be aware, that you need to invest in both your tools and knowledge before you can succeed with any business in general. 

Once you understand this simple concept, you too can succeed and start earning big commissions online, like i do!


I promise you that!

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“But Frankly, It Was Not Always That Easy For Me!
Let Me Give You An UnderStanding Of My Background Story.”


From Being A Failure And Unaccepted By Parents To A Successful Life Of Freedom!


For me, i always had a difficult childhood, having bad relationships with my parents and not having many friends. As my dad worked as a contractor building houses, I needed to work after school because to them, I wasn’t really coping well.

When i was 19 i started a new business as a contractor with my dad, still young and not very experienced about life and business. We had over 17 people working under us.

After 2 years the business went bankrupt because my dad did not deliver good quality work and cheated a lot of people, including me. Due to bad money management, avoiding payment of social security and taxes for over a 1 year.

He left me over with a debt of around $15 000. I just needed to start my own journey of life, and i already had to deal with debts that I wasn’t responsible for at all.

During that time, i was going out every weekend meeting the wrong people, doing drugs, partying all night. Yeah i was young and wanted to make fun, to forget all the stress and struggles from home i was going through.

I ended up losing my house and i needed to pay the arrears social security. Problems came and i got more and more indebted with time. It brought me to the point that I lost everything. Now i needed to pay off all that debt, and just getting a living wage of $280/month.

Feeling depressed and heartbroken, not knowing what to do next for a short time period in life. So I knew something needed to be changed very badly. I started to work on the weekends as a waiter and doing night shifts.


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At the same time, i started reading books looking to find my true self within. After a small period, I was figuring out how to be certain and begun building faith in myself once more.

I started to do MLM networking and met new people that believed in me. After that, i began experiencing little successes and knew I was growing personally. But not yet, I wasn’t getting the precise results i really wanted.

I was still very hungry to learn more and working smarter. And start searching the internet seeking for answers. That’s when i discovered a website called: How to learn affiliate marketing and generate leads.

I starting to build my own affiliate marketing websites and generated some affiliate commissions. So here i am now…!

It’s been over a year since I paid off my debt, working every day to become a more productive and better person than I was yesterday. Now my passion and desire is to teach other people to be successful at online marketing and experiencing true freedom.

If you’ve read so far, then i want to thank you for the time you’ve spent to read my story.


Go Here To Grab Your “Free Private Training Modules”

On How To Set Up Your Very First WordPress Website!


If like me you have found yourself in-between a hard place and a rock, trying to figure it out on your own. Then stop and listen to what i have to say… 

Because i am here to help you, building that profitable and sustainable online business, that can create multiple streams of income for you. But this can only happen if you are willing to invest your time and money to learn the skills.

By merely following a simple step-by-step system that creates multiple streams of income already for many students now today.

I believe anyone who is really committed to achieving their goals in life, can do this. If I could do it, you can too… Let me help you to reach your goals.

And maybe create your first breakthrough…!




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My Personal life, And The Things I Love!

I am 33 years old and live in Belgium, Antwerp. I am currently working as a Junior Ground Operator, in my free time I like sports, I like going to the gym to have a workout at least 2 times a week. I like swimming and enjoy the sauna to keep fit and healthy.

But by always working hard and constantly working out routines. It is important for your mental health to be held on a monthly basis by an arrow to go to the massage and practice meditation. My experience has proven in the past that as I focus more, I feel a lot happier on track to achieve my goals.

Sometimes in my free time, I do karting with friends. I like watching good movies and playing games on the PlayStation when I have time (lately not too much anymore 😉 ). I love to cook and eat healthily. I also love going out to eat with friends.

My ultimate goal in life is that in future I can live independently and have the time to go on survival and traveling with friends. I dream to work wherever I want and meeting different foreign people to corporate with. Making friends and enjoying the best of a dream lifestyle.

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*** DISCLAIMER! I do not teach anything scam or any get rich schemes. This is a real business that requires your time, money, effort, attention, focus, massive action and whatever it takes attitude because my goal is to get you to that top 4%. If you are one who does not take action, are not ready to change your life, or are not coachable, this is not for you. ***