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About me?

I Am Your Passionate Designer And Branding Coach!

I will help you build your WordPress website and grow your social media following.

To Becoming An Succes Online Solopreneur, It Is Not That Hard.

Did you have tried everything to be found online with your service or your products? Are you struggling to build a website or a blog to promote your business? Then the right coaching, the right strategy and a simple plan to work with, is all you need!

When it comes down to what’s working now in 2017About Online marketing & Social Media, and Branding. I am your guy.



  • How to start and set up a WordPress website or blog.
  • What plugins and tools I use to get productive and professional in 2017
  • How to plan and organize your content and social media.
  • How to stand out from the crowd with personal branding.
  • How to create stunning design pictures for your blog.
  • How to use Facebook ads the right way to grow your following.
  • How to build your E-mail list.
  • And how to engaged with your audience, to make sales.
# If you need any help, just contact me as your personal and passionate Branding coach.#

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